See who won our Jeremy Strong competition!

And see some of our favourite entries!


All this week, we’ve been asking you what is the silliest thing your Dad has ever done?

91hMkDXbbcL._SL1500_It’s to celebrate Father’s Day and the release of the new Jeremy Strong book My Brother’s Famous Bottom Takes Off, which the tenth book all about Nicholas and his silly family!

In this latest adventure, Nicholas’ brother’s famous bottom is going into space! Well, a video of it, anyway…

And the best news is that the whole family gets to go to America to see the launch!

Click here to get your copy!

Here are some of our favourite entries!

“My Dad tripped in the lounge doorway with a tray of tomato soup and threw it all over the beige carpet, curtains and sofa” – Becky (14)

“He got lost in a football stadium and they had to get the loud speakers to announce his name… he’s so embarrassing!” – Anna (10)

“Put a spider in his mouth , then opened it for it too run out and scare the person he was talking to” – Maisie (12)

“Trapped his finger in car door window by pressing up instead of down!” – Zachary (7)

“We were in Scotland visiting my Uncle, Auntie and Cousin, Kris. We all went for a walk and my Dad said he could climb a tree. He did. But he could not get down again. Took a long time because we were all laughing.” – Jaret (11)


Thanks to everyone who sent in their silly stories! From all the hundreds of entries, we’ve picked one person at random who has won a set of Jeremy Strong books – and a £150 Virgin Experience voucher so they can go on a cool adventure with their Dad too!

Congratulations to Teejay aged 6!

He said the silliest thing Dad Tony had ever done was…

“He put a pair of tights on his head to frighten my older sister when she knocked on the door – he flung it open and went Raaa! But it was Granny…she really jumped!”

Well done Teejay and Tony!

Want a sneak-peek inside My Brother’s Famous Bottom Takes Off?

Click here to read an extract from the book!

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