‘Shark in the Dark’ and ‘The Horrible History of Britain and Ireland’

For younger children

SharkInDarkShark in the Dark
By Nick Sharratt

Timothy Poke’s telescope is his favourite toy but he is terrified at what he might find when he looks through it – and he is especially afraid of spotting a great white shark.

So what is that great white fin that Timothy Poke can see? Is it a great white shark – or a seagull? A boat? A giant icecream? You’ll need to turn the page to find out.

Children will love joining in with the repeated rhymes and sharing Timothy Poke’s fear of finding a great white shark within the book’s pages. And just when Timothy Poke believes the coast is clear, there is a twist in the tale on the final page.

Best of all, when the light is dimmed, a great white shark’s ‘fin’ looms out of the dark thanks to a glow in the dark feature.

A fun and colourful bedtime story and a brilliant follow-up to the earlier title, Shark in the Park.

Published by David Fickling Books

For older children

HorribleHistoryBritanThe Horrible History of Britain and Ireland
By Terry Deary, Martin Brown

The Horrible History of Britain and Ireland is a sweeping synopsis of our histories, beginning in prehistoric times and finishing in the twentieth century.

Between the two we have much blood-letting, disasters, plagues and invasions. It’s very horrible – and very funny; especially Martin Brown’s brilliant illustrations.

Find out what school in the Middle Ages was really like (and be grateful you live in the twenty first century!), or what might happen to you if you were accused of witchcraft. If you want something a little lighter, check out some of the games, from ‘hen hunting’ to twisting the legs off a dead cow…. Yeuch.

History is told in the form of letters, newspaper stories, straight text and the illustrations are gloriously colourful (and sometimes just a bit gruesome).

The book provides a great overview of the most significant periods in Britain and Ireland’s histories – but is also just very entertaining.

Published by Scholastic


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