‘Shrek Forever After: The Movie Storybook’ and ‘The Lunatic’s Curse’

For younger children

ShrekForeverAfterShrek Forever After: The Movie Storybook

  • Fans and newcomers to the Shrek movies will be looking forward to the new Shrek film, Shrek Forever After, which releases this weekend. This movie storybook gives a simple introduction to the film for younger readers, and makes a great souvenir for older children.
  • Shrek is living ‘happily ever after’ in the swamp in Far Far Away, or is he?
  • With Shrek fans descending on his swamp by the coach-load and three young ogres to look after, Shrek is beginning to feel ‘swamped’. Then he makes a foolish deal with Rumplestiltskin that could change his world forever….
  • Look out for witches, dungeons, ogres – and the scheming Rumple!

Published by Bantam, £5.99

For older children

LunaticsCurseThe Lunatic’s Curse
By FE Higgins

  • If you like the macabre and pure wickedness, here is a story for you. The elegant town of Opum Oppidulum overlooks Lake Beluarum. At the centre of the lake is Droprock Island and an inescapable asylum. The asylum is home to the mad, bad and criminally insane. It is also now home to Rex’s dad, Ambrose Grammaticus.
  • Rex knows his evil stepmother is behind the madness that has struck his dad and the reason his dad is now in the asylum – but how can he prove it? The answer lies in the asylum itself, and this is where the tale leads.
  • Peopled with mysterious characters who are never quite what they seem, the story twists and turns as much as the corridors and tunnels of Droprock Island. Read on for a full-throttle story of betrayal, treachery and lunatics.

Published by Macmillan

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