‘Sir Laughalot’ and ‘The Incredible Luck of Alfie Pluck’

For under 5 years

Sir Laughalot
By Tony Mitton, Sarah Warburton

‘Sir Laughalot is a very brave knight, He needs to find some foes to fight.’ And so begins Sir Laughalot’s quest to find a foe.

Children will enjoy seeing traditionally ‘scary’ fairytale characters turned on their heads – the huge, green and mean dragon has hairy nostrils, which makes Sir Laughalot laugh. The big, tough and bristly giant has a funny hat, which also sets him off in giggles.

Finally, Sir Laughalot confronts a mean sorceress who isn’t funny at all. She is guarding a damsel in a tower who laughs at everything – even Sir Laughalot. The sorceress begs Sir Laughalot to rescue the damsel and take her away and so the couple giggle their way to Laugher’s Court and are happily wed.

The book’s rhyming text and bold illustrations will appeal to younger readers aged 3+ while slightly older children will enjoy exploring the detail in the spreads, from the knight’s helmeted dog to the squashed mouse under the giant’s shoe.

Published by Orchard Books

For older children

The Incredible Luck of Alfie Pluck
by Jamie Rix

‘If ever a boy needed some luck, it was Alfie Pluck’. Raised as a virtual slave by his two greedy aunts, Alfie doesn’t hesitate when he hears about a professor who has discovered the lucky gene and joins the crowd who want to find out more.

A race with a chicken, a worried prime minister and an alien invasion later, and Alfie Pluck is on the run. He has inadvertently eaten the chicken with the luck gene and now everyone is after him.

This quirky story has humour in spades and it keeps its pace through a roller-coaster of unlikely scenarios. It has plenty of appeal to both boys and girls aged nine plus, particularly through the character of Alfie, an ordinary boy who holds his own in a hostile world.

Published by Orion

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