‘Six Dinner Sid: A Highland Adventure’ and ‘Bob & Barry’s Lunar Adventures: A Right Royal Disaster’

For younger children

SidsHighlandFlingSix Dinner Sid: A Highland Adventure
By Inga Moore

Remember Sid, the black cat who enjoyed six dinners every day with his six different owners? In this story, a sequel to Six Dinner Sid, all his owners go n holiday together in the Scottish Highlands and they take Sid with them.
Sid learns how to fish (but gets very wet), how to catch rabbits (without getting stuck in their burrows) and how to get the best of an angry Highland eagle.
All this activity makes him very hungry – just in time for his six dinners.

Published by Hodder Children’s Books
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For older children

RightRoyalDisasterBob & Barry’s Lunar Adventures: A Right Royal Disaster
By Simon Bartram

Bob (the man who looks after the Moon) is in trouble. Queen Battleaxe has decided to hold her birthday party on the Moon, which spells disaster for Bob!
Every year, the Queen holds her birthday party in space, and every year, someone ends up in space prison.
Is it Bob’s turn this year? How can he make sure the Queen has a happy birthday? Will making a giant statue of her be enough? Probably not….
Find out if Bob, and his six-legged dog Barry, manage to avoid their inevitable fate…

Published by Templar Publishing
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