Spread the Word about Wildlife

What can you do to help?

rspb-groupWildlife needs friends! The more people that appreciate wildlife, the better its chances are for the future.

This section contains activity ideas that will spread the word about why wildlife is important to your friends, family and other people.

It’s a chance to be creative and show people how wonderful wildlife is and what they can do to help.

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Get Creative

And share your enthusiasm for wildlife!

Put on a Show

Getting up in front of an audience to tell them about wildlife and, perhaps, the problems it faces.

Make a Display

Telling people about wildlife in an eye-catching way.

Get in the Paper

Telling people about wildlife in the news is a good way of getting a message across.  This could be through the pages of your local newspaper or website, or with an interview on your local radio or TV station.

Write to your MP

Some of the problems faced by wildlife can only be solved by changes in the law, or in government policy. One of the most important tasks of environmental organisations like the RSPB is trying to make sure that Members of Parliament and other decision makers know what changes are needed, and why they are important.

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Raising Funds for Wildlife

Raising money to help fund the activities of a wildlife organisation.  Organisations which work to protect wildlife cost millions of pounds to run. Most of this money comes from ordinary people.