‘Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp’ and ‘Horrid Henry’s Bodies’

StompDinosaurStomp, Dinosaur, Stomp

By Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe

Throughout this book you can follow Dinosaurs as they guzzle, stride, glide, chomp and stomp their way through the trees and across the skies.

‘Mighty Tyrannosaurus loved stomp, stomping,

Gigantic legs striding, enormous jaws opening,

Jagged teeth waiting for guzzle, guzzling!’

This is a great book for any wannabe Tyrannosaurus – or any other dinosaur actually.

And just in case you can’t quite remember them all, there’s a colourful spread showing each of these dinosaurs – and a reminder of how to say their names.

Published by Orchard

HorridHenryBodiesHorrid Henry’s Bodies

By Francesca Simon and Tony Ross

Did you know that whenever you talk or chew, little lumps of earwax fall out of your ears (luckily they’re just too small to see)? Or that your nose makes about a litre of slimy mucus every day and that you swallow most of it?

Well you do now! And there’s tons more of these gross facts to enjoy with your mates in the new book Horrid Henry’s Bodies.

This book covers everything from creepy crawlers to animals and massive monsters of the ocean – and even if lots of it is really gross, it’s also all true!

Published by Orion’s Children Books


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