STRIKE Joins Sam in The Club

strikeOn 19th November just after 4pm Sam is going to be joined in The Club by STRIKE, the martial arts duo who became famous through Britain’s Got Talent back in 2008.

All this week has been National Anti-Bullying Week, and with The Karate Kid out on DVD this past Monday, what better time to speak to STRIKE and chat about how karate training really can help your confidence and fitness, just as they show in The Karate Kid.

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Since achieving their goal of making martial arts entertaining and inspiring for kids across the UK with their performances in front of 15 million people on Britain’s Got Talent, STRIKE have been busy performing all around the world and teaching martial arts regularly to kids in the UK.

They will be joining Sam in The Club to talk about all this and maybe give some tips to all you rising martial arts stars out there too!

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