Movies to see

Here’s a selection of The Robot’s fav current films.

Out Now

Bandslam (PG) – A high school social outcast and the popular girl at school bond through a shared love of music.

G-Force (PG) – A specially trained squad of guinea pigs is dispatched to stop a diabolical billionaire from taking over the world.

Aliens in the Attic (PG) – A group of kids must protect their vacation home from invading aliens.

Imagine that (PG) – A financial executive who can’t stop his career downspiral is invited into his daughter’s imaginary world, where solutions to his problems await.

Shorts (PG) – A young boy’s discovery of a colourful, wish-granting rock causes chaos in the suburban town of Black Falls when jealous kids and scheming adults alike set out to get their hands on it.

Coming Soon

Up (U) (released October 9) – The latest offering from the team behind Monsters Inc.

Still out

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (12A) – The sixth installment from Hogwarts.