‘Supermarket Zoo’ and ‘Billionaire Boy’

For younger children

SupermarketZooSupermarket Zoo
By Caryl Hart, Ed Eaves

Hate the supermarket? Then this is the book for you because you won’t find a tin of baked beans or a loaf of bread in this shopping trip!

Albie’s mum is going shopping, which Albie hates, but when he sees the shopping list things takes a turn for the better. On the list are six monkeys, 27 parrots (give or take), a pride of lions, two bales of hay and five tins of lion food.

They start with the reptiles – small and easy – and pick up some tortoises that come with a free lettuce. It isn’t until they reach the lions that Albie begins to feel nervous – and then his mum delivers the biggest surprise of all (you’ll have to read the book to find out what it was!).

This is a brilliant story that turns an ordinary day into something a little special – it’ll have children looking under the aisles for escaped iguanas and rattlesnakes before you can blink!

Published by Simon & Schuster

For older children

BillionaireBoyBillionaire Boy
By David Walliams, illus Quentin Blake

Joe has a lot of reasons to be happy. He’s rich – very rich – with his own bowling alley, his own cinema, and an orang-utan for a butler. He’s 12 years old and the richest boy in the land. He and his dad use £50 notes to line the hamster cage.

But what Joe doesn’t have is a real friend. What’s more, he’s also about to start at the local school and he’s terrified they’ll find out how rich he is. Once that happens, he knows he’ll never make a real friend.

As well as lots and lots of money, this story has plenty of laughs, much to say about friendship and bullying, and more to say about money. So if you ever wished you were really, really rich, then read this story and think again.

Published by HarperCollins Children’s Books


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