Take Part in Horrid Henry’s Horrid Adventure!

We have great news! Horrid Henry is back with his brand new video game Horrid Henry’s Horrid Adventure!

horrid-henry-horrid-adventure1Henry‘s arch enemy Moody Margaret has stolen Henry‘s toys and – even worse – his prized Purple Hand Gang Flag!

Playing as Horrid Henry, you will have to run, swim, climb, jump and ride to get through numerous fantasy-themed levels, learning new abilities and collecting bonus items as you go.

You will encounter strange enemies and bizarre obstacles as you travel across the Evil Empire, Lovely Land and Pirate Island, all based on the Horrid Henry brand!

And to help you out, you will have three crazy self defence items to help you, such as trapping enemies in bubbles and then actually using the Nintendo DS microphone to blow them off the screen!

henry-logo-small-lowresrgbFeaturing all of the Horrid Henry characters and combining Henry‘s imagination with the dual screen game play of the Nintendo DS, this is a unique playing experience with your favourite horrible character!

Horrid Henry’s Horrid Adventure is out now on the Nintendo DS for £24.99.