Teen Beach is back!

You’ll find this story in the latest issue of Girl Talk Magazine!


Teen Beach is back this summer!logo-150x150

The first movie was awesome fun and we’re expecting more of the same from number 2!

In the latest issue of Girl Talk Magazine, you’ll find an interview with Ross and Grace!

Ross and Grace (Brady and Lela) reveal their on-set secrets!



Are you anything like your character, Brady?

He’s laid back and goes with the flow like me, and he loves music. But Brady is a much better surfer than I am!


Who did you get on best with on set?

I had the most fun with Garrett who plays Tanner. We got to know each other well and had lots of good times.


Have you got a favourite song from both movies?

Silver Screen from Teen Beach Movie 2 is my favourite, because of the way we filmed it. At one point we’re being cowboys, then there’s another part where we all go to the Prom!


What was your funniest moment on set?

There’s this one bit where one of the characters realises they’re in a different reality and it was so funny to film because they get so freaked out!


In real life, what’s your favourite thing about summer?

Every summer my family rents a beach house and we do nothing but surf. It’s really relaxing!



Out of the two movies, which was the best one to work on?

This one! I loved the storyline and it was great to come back to all the characters again, because we haven’t played them for so long.


Are you anything like Lela?

Well I do fall over a lot like her! We both like to sing and I do secretly love the colour pink, but I’m much less girly than Lela.


What’s the hardest thing about filming on the beach?

It was really hot dancing in leather jackets! And the sand is really bouncy, so when you walk on normal ground it feels weird – like you’ve been on a trampoline!


Does the sand get everywhere when you’re filming?

Yes, we got sand in our lipgloss all the time, and in our eyes too!


Can you tell us a secret about one of your co-stars?

Garrett is super funny. He sweats so much it’s incredible. On the beach we had to wrap his microphone in plastic to keep it dry!

Don’t miss Teen Beach 2, 17 July, only on Disney Channel!


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