Teen Beach Movie


Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell star in the new Disney Channel hit movie, TEEN BEACH MOVIE.

The official soundtrack features 12 all-new songs which tell the story Teen Beach Movie is based around!

In Teen Beach Movie, Mack (Mitchell) and Brady (Lynch) are two modern day surfers that get trapped in the classic 1960s beach musical Wet Side Story. After accidentally interfering with the plot of the movie, they must find a way to get back to present day! Enjoy the all-new catchy tunes and cool retro beats from the movie on this fun filled soundtrack.

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1. Maia Mitchell – Oxygen

2. Spencer Lee – Surf Crazy

3. Ross Lynch – Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

4. Grace Phipps – Falling for Ya

5. Ross Lynch – Mean to Be

6. Maia Mitchell – Like Me

7. Spencer Lee – Meant to Be (Reprise 1)

8. Ross Lynch – Can’t Stop Singing

9. Ross Lynch – Meant to Be (Reprise 2)

10. Ross Lynch – Surf’s Up

11. Grace Phipps – Coolest Cats in Town

12. Teen Beach Movie Karaoke – Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ (Instrumental)

13. Teen Beach Movie Karaoke – Falling for Ya (Instrumental)

14. Teen Beach Movie Karaoke – Surf’s Up (Instrumental)

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