Terry Deary on Fun Kids

potl-coverThe creator of the Horrible Histories, Terry Deary, came into the Fun Kids studio the other day to tell us all about his new, exciting book Put Out the Light.

Based in 1940 during the second world war, Put Out the Light is all about two sets of children, one based in England and the other in Germany. In Sheffield, England, a brother and sister set out to solve a mystery, believing that the air-raid signals are only false alarms. Meanwhile, in Dachau, Germany, two boys come up with a bold plan to bring an end to the war and help a Polish prisoner escape.

But when the bombs falling on Sheffield become a reality, and the German boys’ plan hurls them unwittingly into the midst of the action, the children’s adventures swiftly become a terrifying fight to survive.

Soon we will be bringing you a very exciting interview with the man himself. But to keep you entertained in the meantime, check out this exclusive clip of Terry Deary reading his fantastic book Put Out the Light.

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