Test your Horrid Henry knowledge!

HHZombieVampireYou may remember when the latest Horrid Henry book came out earlier this year we brought you a bunch of fun games to play!

Well, this September Horrid Henry has got a brand new book Horrid Henry and the Zombie Vampire click here to find out more.

And that means we’ve got even another game for you to play!

This time we’re seeing just how big a Horrid Henry fan you are with our Horrid Henry quiz!

So just how much of a Horrid Henry fan are you? Play the quiz and find out!

Horrid Henry and the Zombie Vampire is written by Francesca Simon, illustrated by Tony Ross and published by Orion Children’s Books. Available from 1st September. Click here to find out at horridhenry.co.uk

And even more exciting, this book is the 20th in the Horrid Henry series! To mark the big number, you can vote for your favourite Horrid Henry‘s book.

Click here to find out more and vote!