‘The Blueberry Wood Play Book’ and ‘Amazing Pop-up Big Machines’

For younger children

BlueberryWoodPlaybookThe Blueberry Wood Play Book
By Dawn Apperley

It’s picnic time in Blueberry Wood and Poppy the rabbit is planning a picnic party. First she has to write the invitations, check the weather and find her friends to help her get ready for the picnic. And this is where the fun really starts for the reader.

This is a fabulous – and very pink – book for young girls with paper chains you can make, life the flap novelties to find, figures to dress and stick and stencils to trace.

On the last page is a little pocket with everything you need to make your own picnic scene and it really is very entertaining with cakes and food to stick on the picnic blanket and cardboard figures to take part.

You will love creating your own picnic, and the pieces are solid enough to mean you can come back again and again for endless fun in Blueberry Wood.

Published by Alison Green Books

For older children

AmazingPopUpBigMachinesAmazing Pop-up Big Machines
By Robert Crowther

This is a present that both boys and girls will love. The book has five pop-ups of huge machines – a bulldozer, tractor, dumper truck, forklift truck and tower crane that stand out as each page is turned.

There are ‘Fact File’ flaps on each page with more information about each machine and additional pop-ups tucked inside.

Best of all, each page includes smaller, folded items that turn into all kinds of objects that need to be lifted, loaded and dumped by each of these machines.

There are piles of wood to load onto the forklift truck, crates to lift using the crane and sand for the dumper truck. The bulldozer has parts to move and the tractor has to be readied for action.

It’s a wonder of engineering, and sturdy enough to last for many play sessions!

Published by Walker Books


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