The Clangers have a new story book out!

Get ready for an adventure in the stars!

the clangers

The Clangers’ brand new story book, the Brilliant Surprise, is out now!

the clangers BS packshotIf you love watching the Clangers, then you’ll really like their new story book.

The book is called The Brilliant Surprise, and it’s out right now!

In the story, Tiny Clanger sees a comet fly over the little blue planet and it leaves a beautiful trail in the sky.

The book is full of beautiful pictures and your favourite characters.

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Comets are big boulders made from ice and rock that travel really fast in space.
They leave a trail of smaller pieces of ice and rock behind them as they move, which is why you can see a “tail” as they WHOOSH past!

The Brilliant Surprise is out right now, click here for more information!

The Clangers Playtime Activity Sticker Book is also out too, click here to see it!


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