The Boy In The Dress

The Boy In The DressBoy in Dress
by David Walliams

This week’s book is the sparkling debut children’s novel from David Walliams.

The Boy in the Dress tells the story of twelve-year-old Dennis. On the surface Dennis looks like an ordinary boy; he lives in an ordinary house, plays football, goes to school and fights with his older brother. But Dennis feels different. His thoughts are “full of colour and poetry”.

After his mother leaves, Dennis’ truck-driver father distances himself from his two boys. Dennis feels his mother’s absence keenly, and struggles with the lack of tenderness he receives from his family. His only outlets are playing football with his best friend Darvesh and reading Vogue magazine.

When Dennis meets Lisa everything begins to change. She encourages Dennis to explore who he really is, which leads to a prank which changes everything – and not just for Dennis.

The book is illustrated by Quentin Blake, who’s witty black and white drawings are familiar to anyone who has read the books Roald Dahl.

Its a great book which we love.

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