The Furchester Hotel Character Gallery

Meet the characters from The Furchester Hotel!


Elmo is visiting his cousin Phoebe at the hotel. He loves making new friends and knows all the fun and exciting things to do at the hotel. Elmo is always there to lend a helping hand when things go wrong – he and Phoebe make a great team!









Phoebe is Furgus and Funella’s daughter, and is an expert in looking after the hotel’s guests. She answers the phone and can speak all kinds of animal languages! Phoebe is a real problem solver –when things go wrong, remember, a Furchester never gives up!









Cookie Monster is the Furchester Hotel’s waiter. He makes sure the guests are always well fed – and occasionally encourages them to eat adventurous new things, like cookies! It’s never a problem if there are cookies left over though, Cookie Monster doesn’t let a single one go to waste!







Furgus is a monster of many jobs, helping his wife Funella look after the hotel and its guests. If you need something fixed, he’s your monster! He’s the hotel gardener, dog walker, entertainer, and lots more – always finding ways to improve the hotel.







Funella welcomes you with furry arms! Funella’s job is to welcome the hotel’s many different guests, and make sure they’re all nice and comfortable. That’s not always easy, especially if a porcupine or dinosaur comes to stay!




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