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Pete, our Toyologist, has been back in to talk about some more great toys

yummydough1Yummy Dough – £8 at

  • Its a simple baking mix that uses vegetable colouring only
  • All you need to do is just add a bit of water, then knead it with your hands and you have an almost modelling clay like  substance which is ready to make into any shape you like.
  • Combine the red, yellow, green and blue colours to form all manner of animals and more before an adult puts them in the oven.
  • 20 minutes maximum and your creations are ready for your tums.

funkysandwichmakerFunky Sandwich Machine – Part of Fab-Tastic food range from Vivid includes – Available at

  • No more square sandwiches with this ‘Funky Sandwich Maker’ now you can shape all your favourite sandwiches and jazz up your lunch box.
  • Just choose one of the shape makers, add your favourite filled sandwich, close the lid and roll the handles on the machine… hey presto you have a shaped sandwich… it’s that easy!
  • Choose from a heart, star or gingerbread man shaped sandwich.
  • Fillings are only restricted by your imagination!
  • Adults can eat the left over crusts.
  • Also in this FabTastic range are a cookie creation machine and a pop and freeze for delicious frozen treats.

smoothiemakerSmoothie Maker from the “Lets Cook” range from Character –

  • The Smoothie maker is a child friendly fruit blender, just pile in your ready diced and washed fruits, anything at all really, try different mixes that even the shops haven’t thought of and flick the swicth to mix it all up.
  • When its ready just pick up the jug and fill your friends glasses.
  • Great for making milkshakes too.
  • Also available in the range are the delicious cake maker, sweet making machines, ice cream parlours and a fruit factory for making frozen fruit treats.

cookingsetKids cooking Equipment –

  • What better way to get budding award winning chefs started on their way than arm them with the right kitchen kit, this range of childrens cooking equipment the Kids Cooking Company has only been around for a matter of months and has already featured on the telly.
  • This starter set has a bowl, recipe card, spoon and a bun tray to get girls and boys cooking.
  • Betty, Bertie, Suzy and Sammy are the colouful cooking characters that form the range of spoons, bowls, aprons and much more.

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