The New Beckham who almost Lost a Leg

fletchertoll1To be labelled the next David Beckham is a pretty amazing thing for any kid. However, imagine achieving that praise when doctors didn’t even think you’d ever be able to walk!

Well, that is what has happened to Fletcher Toll, aged 6 years old. As a baby he had a severe disease with doctors fearing they would have to amputate his right leg.

However, he made an amazing recovery and has now joined Arsenal’s Soccer School, after being spotted by Aresenal scouts.

Although only 6 years old, the Arsenal coaches have high hopes for him, with one coach remarking that his ‘dribbling skills are excellent and his corners and free kicks remind me of a young David Beckham.’

He beat 40,000 other talented kids to get his place at the Arsenal Soccer School and is now well on his way to being a star striker in the Premier League.