The new Leonardo is almost here!

The second series of the CBBC show Leonardo is almost here!

The new episodes start in a weeks time on Thursday 20th September at 5.15pm.

All of us at Fun Kids really like Leonardo. So, if you’ve never seen it before it’s definitely worth reading on and checking it out!

It’s all about a young Leonardo Da Vinci and his friends having spectacular adventures around Renaissance Florence. The gang find themselves in in a battle of wills against Piero and only Leonardo’s genius can outwit him!

They come up across all sorts of scandals and situations  like kidnap, conspiracy, romantic entanglements, bank robbers, masked balls and much more.

The show also features loads of great actors including Pam St Clement (Pat off of Eastenders)!

If you fancy seeing what a genius gets up to with his friends, it’s definitely worth tuning in to CBBC next Thursday!

Click here to find out more and see a sneak peek!

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