‘The Night Before the Night Before Christmas’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz Pop-up Book’

For younger children

NightBeforeBeforeChristmasThe Night Before the Night Before Christmas
By Richard Scarry

This is a great Christmas stocking filler with plenty of detail in the pictures for children aged 3+ to pour over and each spread offers plenty of snow, piles of presents, lots of mishaps and many, many small mice (Santa’s helpers)  and it’s a perfect seasonal story.

Mr Frumble is keen to show the Christmas spirit and to lend his neighbours in Busytown a helping hand but he’s also a little accident prone and his gestures have a habit of going badly wrong. When he realizes he’s made no one in Busytown happy, he decides there is only one person who will really want his help – Santa.

Unfortunately, Mr Frumble is just as good at getting it wrong in the North Pole as in his own town and mistakenly sends Santa off to deliver presents the night before the night before Christmas. However, with a little guidance from Santa’s helpers, Mr Frumble manages to put it all to rights before for Christmas morning.

Children will love the inventiveness and humour in the drawings, from Mr Frumble’s pickle car to the machinery operated by Santa’s helpers.

Published by HarperCollins Children’s Books

For older children

WizardOfOz_PopUpThe Wizard of Oz Pop-up Book
By L. Frank Baum and Paul Hess

A family favourite is given a new lease of life in this pop-up version of The Wizard of Oz, which also comes with brilliant sound effects.

The story is abridged so it’s a good introduction to the film or book for younger readers aged five years plus. Each page has pop-ups and sound effects that match the story on that spread, and they are a lot of fun.

On the first page, the Tornado springs from the centre of the spread, complete with upside-down cow, flying house and a tractor, and the background sounds of a mooing cow and barking Toto against the rush of the wind. And wait till you get to the flying monkeys with the wicked witches cackling in the background.

Each of the main parts of Dorothy’s journey is touched on – the Emerald City and the Great Oz are especially impressive pop-ups. All in all, it’s a great gift this Christmas.

Published by Templar Books


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