The Paralympics Closing Ceremony

The Paralympics officially closed last night with an amazing ceremony!

The ceremony featured a lot of fire, fireworks and Coldplay.

The band played 16 great songs with some very special guests. Some of the guests included Rihanna and Jay Z!

The ceremony officially means that the Olympic and Paralympic games are over. It could be well over 50 years until they return to Britain.

In 4 years Rio De Janeiro will host the Olympics and Paralympics. They’ve got to work pretty hard to beat London 2012! Although, they have bought our basketball court off of us. So that’s a good start. However good it is, you will probably have to take a trip out to Brazil to get the same atmosphere.

All of us at Fun Kids loved the Olympics so much we’re planning to get healthier and play more sport. We’re even stopping Alex eating so many doughnuts!

What was your Olympic and Paralympic highlight?


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