‘The Rhyming Rabbit’ and ‘Western Mysteries’

For younger children


RhymingRabbitThe Rhyming Rabbit

By Julia Donaldson

This story has a hungry fox, a blind mole, a deaf worm and a caterpillar who doesn’t like sums.

It also has lots of rabbits and one special, misunderstood rabbit, Rhyming Rabbit, who loves to make up rhymes.  However, none of his friends like Rhyming Rabbit’s rhymes and this makes him feel sad and lonely. He decides to go off on his own, making up new rhymes as he meets each new creature on his travels.

‘Wonderful worm, deep in the soil, Why do you wiggle and curl and coil?’

The deaf worm doesn’t hear his poem, though, and the blind mole who he meets next is more interested in catching worms than listening to poetry.

It isn’t until Rhyming Rabbit reaches the end of his tunnel that he discovers he is not the only creature with a love of rhyme.

Published by Macmillan Children’s Books


For older children

WesternMysteriesThe Case of the Deadly Desperados (Western Mysteries)

By Caroline Lawrence

Caroline Lawrence is best known for the Roman Mysteries series, which you might have seen on TV, but now she’s started writing Westerns. This story is set during the early gold rush in the US and has dastardly villains, lots of fighting, dust by the bucketful and a very bright young hero called PK Pinkerton, who wants to be a detective.

In this story, PK Pinkerton finds himself fleeing for his life after his parents are murdered by the unscrupulous ‘Whittling Walt’ (you don’t want to know why he’s called that, believe me). PK ends up in Virginia City where he wants to lay his claim to a stake in a rich silver mine.

Unfortunately, Whittling Walt knows all about his claim – and he wants it for himself. And he’ll do anything, and I mean anything, to get it.

You might think that PK Pinkerton, who is slightly autistic, is no match for the violent desperado, but that’s where you’d be wrong…..

Published by Orion Children’s Books


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