‘The Sunflower Sword’ and ‘Stunt Bunny Showbiz Sensation’

For younger children

SunflowerSwordThe Sunflower Sword
By Mark Sperring, Miriam Latimer

  • “Once there was a land filled with fire and smoke and endless fighting, where knights fought dragons and dragons fought knights and that was the way it had always been….”
  • When a little knight asks his mother for a sword to “woosh and swoosh” in the air and pretend to slay dragons, she gives him a sunflower instead. Disappointed but philosophical, the little knight climbs Dragon Hill and slays three imaginary dragons – but when a real dragon appears, little knight only has a sunflower to defend himself…
  • This story is bound to be a favourite with young readers not just because of its theme of dragons and brave knights, but because a small boy changes the world around him when he and the dragon become friends.
  • Despite its theme, the illustrations are very contemporary and there are nice touches of  humour, such as the colander on the boy’s head, his imaginary helmet, and the expression of the dragon who gets the first sunflower. Ideal for sharing with children aged three years plus.

Published by Andersen Press

For older children

StuntBunnyStunt Bunny Showbiz Sensation
By Tamsyn Murray

  • Harriet Houdini is a dare-devil bunny with attitude! As she settles into life with her new family, she is discovered by the producer of hit TV show Superpets – and so starts her career in showbiz as a Stunt Bunny.
  • Young readers will enjoy the ‘X-Factor’–style auditions for the Superpets television show when Harriet is up against a parrot that says ‘Bogies’ and an opera-singing poodle. But Harriet Houdini will face tougher challenges when a magician tries to ‘bunny-nap’ her.
  • This book has the classic elements of a good story – a mischievous central character, a very grumpy dad, and an evil magician. There are also some great black and white illustrations. Harriet is bound to go far.

Published by Simon & Schuster

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