‘The Talent Show’ and ‘The Mucker’s Tale’

For younger children

TalentShowThe Talent Show
By Jo Hodgkinson

  • Small red bird wants to enter the talent show – but lion, bear and elephant just laugh at him; “You’re much too small, now GO AWAY!”
  • But the little bird has the last laugh (and chirp) when the friends realise there is something missing from their band – they need a singer! No one fits the bill until small red bird comes back, heavily disguised, and gets the job. Of course the judges “judged on talent, not on size” and the new friends win the talent show.
  • This lively picture book has plenty to say about judging creatures by how they look, saying sorry and friendship – but it’s also about having a good time.

For older children

TheMuckersTaleThe Mucker’s Tale
By Joan Lennon

  • Flying horses, bungling thieves and heroic children are bound to keep young readers enthralled in this story about a tiny kingdom high in the mountains.
  • A boy who works as a ‘mucker’ cleaning the stables of the kingdom’s special flying horses desperately wants to train as a wizard. When he helps save the horses from being stolen, his wish is granted and his training as a wizard begins.
  • This story provides has adventure, charm and humour by the bucket-full (and yes, plenty of horse poo too), and children will love the feisty central boy and girl characters.

Published by Catnip

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