The Trial of Dennis the Menace

Trial-of-DennisBeanotown is in crisis. Someone has stolen the Mayor of Beanotown’s gold chain and is trying to put the blame on Dennis.

The grown-ups of Beanotown have declared war on fun. Who can help clear Dennis’ name and prove that the kids aren’t guilty?

The Show
When Dennis the Menace and his mates from Beanotown come to London to star in the world premiere of The Trial of Dennis the Menace, they will find Southbank Centre run by children and teeming with a host of dragons, ninja pirates and characters as wild and colourful as they are, many of them brought to life by the writers who created them.

For six days, between 13 and 19 February, children take over the running of Imagine, from managing the cloakroom to selling programmes and making sure shows start on time.

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