The Twits Ultimate Halloween Tips!

Get ready for a revolting Halloween!

roald dahl twits
We know loads of you love reading Roald Dahl books, so we have some really exciting news for you!

house of twits packshot copyThere’s a new app out now called the House of Twits, and it’s all set in Mr and Mrs Twit’s revolting house! There’s loads of mischievous fun to be had, and it’s in 3D too!

There are loads of different games to discover in every room! You can score points by sprinkling itching powder on the toilet seat in the ghastly bathroom, and by cooking a disgusting dinner of spaghetti and worms in the filthy kitchen. Yuck!

Be careful though, you wouldn’t want to make The Twits too mad, or things could get ugly…well uglier!

You can download the House of Twits app right now! Click here to find out more!

Halloween isn’t too far away, and so to help you get prepared for Halloween fun and mischief, Mr and Mrs Twit have come up with some revolting Halloween tips and tricks for you all!

Check them out below!


wormsLook out for worms in your spaghetti!

Be careful when you eat spaghetti this Halloween! Particularly if it wiggles and wriggles, because it could be a nice tasty plate of spaghetti worms! Yuck!


Watch out for itching powder on a toilet seat!

Look out for revolting pranks, especially if you really need the loo. Make sure you inspect your toilet seat for itching powder!


Be careful of glass eyes!

When you’re eating your yummy Halloween sweets and treats, and you decide you want to wash it all down with a nice cold drink, watch out for a glass eye bobbing up and down! Gruesome!


Bake a fresh boot pie!

Mmmm! Nothing more delicious on a dark Halloween night than tucking into a disgusting boot pie! The smellier the boot, the better.


Watch out for frogs in your bed!

Another gruesome Halloween prank includes putting frogs in people’s beds. Just make sure you check your bed before getting in it, otherwise you could be in for a slimy Halloween surprise!


Keep an eye out for the Shrinks!

The Shrinks is an awful disease where you slowly shrink until you disappear. Things to look out for in particular are if your walking stick and furniture suddenly become taller overnight.


Make your beard really smelly!

If you’re stuck for Halloween costume ideas, why not grow a beard and hide some pretty revolting stuff in there, like sardines and bits of cornflake? Super revolting!


Be careful of sticky trees!

You don’t want to spend your Halloween stuck to a ghastly tree with super sticky glue. Even worse, you don’t want to end up in one of Mrs Twit’s pies!

You can download the House of Twits app right now! Click here to find out more!

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