‘There are no cats in this book’ and ‘Arrrrgh! Slimosaur!’

For younger readers

ThereAreNoCatsThere are no cats in this book
By Viviane Schwarz

  • There are peek-through eyes on the cover and three surprised cats on page one – so yes, this book does have cats, but those cats are desperate to escape its pages and to see the world.
  • When we open the book, the cats are in the middle of packing; then their attention turns to how to get out of the book. Escaping the pages isn’t easy, however, and neither pushing nor jumping works but at last they hit upon what will – and this is where young readers will have to help out as it involves closing their eyes and wishing the cats out of the pages.
  • There are not many picture books that can deliver a couple of virtually blank spreads and get away with it and it is a mark of the story’s well-paced humour and storyline that this one does. Plus, these cats are adorable and every youngster will be delighted when they return from their holiday on the last pages. Like every good holidaymaker, these moggies bring back a little present for the reader, too.
  • If you like this, try the first book – There are cats in this book – which is equally appealing.

Published by Walker Books

For older readers

ArrrrghSlimosaurArrrrgh! Slimosaur!

By Alan Macdonald

  • This book has oodles of slime and a huge slimey monster called the Slimosaur, making it a must-have read for every young boy who likes dinosaurs, funny adventure stories and the Mr Gum books.
  • Arrrgh! Slimosaur! is set in the Stone Ages so there is also loads of primitive puns – children play boulderball instead of football and toss the lizard to call ‘heads or tails’
  • All in all, life is pretty good for the Urk tribe and our young Stone Age hero Iggy, until the Slimosaur makes a return visit. The last time he came, he made off with eight or nine youngsters who were never seen again, only some very slimy bones.
  • This time, the Urks decide to be proactive and offer one of their own as a sacrifice. Iggy is horrified when his best friend is chosen and he decides to rescue her. She is horrified when he arrives, armed with a small spear and a net…..
  • This is a great adventure story for young readers aged six years plus.

Published by Bloomsbury

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