Our Books of the week!

For younger children

WalterAndNoNeedToWorrySuitWalter and the No-Need-to-Worry-Suit                            3+

By Rachel Bright


Walter worries about things – about everything, really – like chocolate-eating monsters and losing his teddy. But when he discovers he’s down for three events at the Wollybottom Summer Super-Seriously-Competitive Sports and Funday, he gets REALLY worried.

All sorts of things could go wrong. What if he bounces so high on the trampoline that his trousers fall off? What if he eats all the cheese in the universe at the cheese-eating contest? And what if he runs so fast that he ends up in space?

A No-Need-to-Worry-Suit that his friends make could be the answer, until Walter discovers that it stops him doing anything at all! Luckily, Walter finds his own way to leave his worries behind…

There is a happy ending – but watch out for the giant cheese-eating mouse and the aliens from banana planet!

For older children

EarwigAndWitchEarwig and the Witch                          5+                               

By Diana Wynne Jones


Earwig loves living at St Morwald’s Home for Children with her friend Custard, who always does exactly what she wants him to do. So when a strange-looking couple take her away to live with them, she’s not exactly pleased.

When she discovers that the woman is a witch and wants Earwig to help her make magical potions, Earwig is thrilled – how fantastic to be able to make spells! All is not as it seems, however, and Earwig soon finds herself more of a slave than a witch in training. But the witch hasn’t realised just how resourceful Earwig is and she is soon hatching her own cunning plan….

As well as the very ugly (and bossy) old witch, this story also has a talking cat, a huge and terrifying mandrake, lots of disgusting potions and some helpful demons!


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