Thor is battling to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a nasty enemy that’s older then the universe itself. An ancient race led by ‘Malekith’ are back to plunge the universe into darkness again.

The soundtrack brings you all of the epic music and themes that accompanied Thor on the big screen!

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1. Thor: The Dark World

2. Lokasenna

3. Asgard

4. Battle of Vanaheim

5. Origins

6. The Trial of Loki

7. Into Eternity

8. Escaping the Realm

9. A Universe from Nothing

10. Untouchable

11. Thor, Son of Odin

12. Shadows of Loki I

13. Sword and Council

14. Invasion of Asgard

15. Betrayal

16. Journey to Asgard

17. Uprising

18. Vortex

19. An Unlikely Alliance

20. Convergence

21. Beginning of the End

22. Deliverance

23. Battle Between Worlds

24. As the Hammer Falls

25. Legacy ISRC:

26. Marvel Studios Fanfare