Three-year-old finds £2.5 million Treasure!

golden-locket-closeThis must be one of the most unlikely and best stories we have heard all year! Three-year-old James Hyatt found a 500-year-old gold locket while playing with his grandad’s metal detector – and the locket is thought to be worth £2.5 million!

The treasure, found in Essex, is thought to have been made in the 16th century and experts have said that it is one of only four of its kind in Britain. They also believe it could have belonged to royalty.

Apparently James has always been pretty lucky. His dad, Jason, said, ‘He is one of the luckiest people ever. He’ll put his hand down the sofa and pull out a tenner.’

If sold, the money made will be split between James’s family and the owner of the land where it was found.

And if you don’t think that is rare enough a find, it was his first ever outing using a metal detector! We wonder what he’s going to find on his second trip!

Have you ever used a metal-detector? What’s the best thing you’ve ever found?

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