Tickets are on sale for The Doctor Who Experience in London

Dr Who ExperienceThe Doctor needs your help – are you brave enough to step into the TARDIS and join the adventure?

Join the Doctor on a journey through time and space before exploring the wonders of Doctor Who at an out-of-this-world exhibition.

The new Doctor Who Experience lands at Olympia on 20 February 2011, and puts you at the heart of the action, including special scenes filmed with the current Doctor Matt Smith, combined with amazing special effects, and the chance step inside a recreation of the modern TARDIS, finishing with a breathtaking 3-D finale.

The exhibition charts the success of the BBC show from the first series in 1963 to the most recent episodes starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.

Displays include

  • Original costumes
  • Tom Baker’s TARDIS police box
  • Two authentic TARDIS sets from the eras of David Tennant and Peter Davison
  • The Pandorica Box and Chair
  • Several generations of Daleks,
  • Cybermen, Silurians an Ice Warrior and a Zygon

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