Top 10 One Direction Stories of 2013!

One Direction

So there’s been loads of brilliant pop stories this year but there’s been one band that’s always in the news more than anyone, and that’s One Direction!

The lads have got up to loads this year and we’ve used the Fun Kids’ Super Computer to work out which were the Top 10 1D Stories of the Year.

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10. Niall is the best member of One Direction!

The 1D doll collection came out a while ago and scientists used the dolls to work out who the most popular 1D member was. The doll that people bought the most would be the favourite, and that doll was Niall Horan! Click here to read the full story!


9. Watch the Story of my Life Video

Story of my Life is the lads’ latest single and when the video came out it was huge news because it starred all the bands’ family and friends too. Click here to read the full story and watch the video!

Harry Styles 1

8. Harry Gangnam Styles Video

At the beginning of the year our two favourite things were Harry Styles and Gangnam Style. So we made a tribute video for both! Click here to watch it!


7. Fun Direction Kiss You

One of our favourite 1D videos of the year was definitely ‘Kiss You’ and all the presenters got together to have a go at their own version! Click here to watch it!

1D 8

6. One Direction Pop Up Shops

All throughout 2013 1D opened up loads of pop up shops all over the world. These sold loads of 1D merchandise you couldn’t get anywhere else! Click here to read the full story!

Union J

5. Union J are better than One Direction

Earlier in the year JJ from Union J was asked what he thought of their new songs and he said “I genuinely think they’re better than One Direction’s songs”. Big words JJ. Click here to read the full story!

Children in need

4. One Direction on Children in Need 2013

Children in Need may only seem like a few days ago (because it kind of was), but when 1D announced they were going to be performing and hosting some of the show from EastEnders’ Albert Square then it made the whole thing even more exciting. Click here to read the full story!


3. One Direction Channel 4 Documentary

One of the hugest 1D moments in 2013 was the official 3D film ‘This Is Us’. But when we were waiting for it to come out Channel 4 had put together a documentary showing a few of the band’s most hardcore fans! Click here to read the full story!

1D 22

2. One Direction 3D Movie

The 1D 3D movie was probably one of the most exciting moments of the year. It showed all sorts of never seen footage of the boys on tour, backstage and hanging out with friends and family. Click here to read the full story!

One Way or Another 2

1. Hear One Direction One Way or Another

1D’s charity single for Comic Relief ‘One Way or Another’ was one of their biggest songs and went to #1 in over 60 countries! Click here to read the full story!

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