Top 10 things to do Outside this Summer!

Are you bored of the summer holidays already?
Sometimes, we can’t always go out to the seaside every day of the holidays, but there’s loads of fun to be had in your garden or your local park!
We’ve put together a list of Top 10 things to do outside.

1. Sponge Bomb Bucket Toss Game


This game is a great (and much less messy) version of waterbombs.
Click this link to find out how to make them and play the game!

2. DIY Garden Ker-Plunk Game


This will take a bit of DIY skill and an adult to help, but it looks like so much fun!
Click here to find out how to make one!

3. Glow in the Dark Bowling


This is a great one for playing outside when the sun goes down.
Click here to find out how to make the skittles glow in the dark!

4. Garden Splash Pad

There is nothing better than keeping cool with water games on a hot sunny day!
Make sure you put plenty of suncream on when you’re out in the sunshine though.
Click here to find out what you need to make it!

5. Make some Rainbow Bubble Snakes


It’s blowing bubbles with a colourful, snakey twist!
There’s a bit of recycling involved here,¬†you’ll need a clean old sock and an empty plastic bottle.
Click here to see how you make them!

6. Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt


We love getting outdoors and learning about nature here at Fun Kids.
Perhaps you can go to your local park to do this one.
Click here to get a printout of what you need to do!

7. Have your very own Safari in a park or your back garden

backyard safari

See how many different animals you can find! It’s a good one to play with your little brothers and sisters too.
Click here to see how you organise your very own safari!

8. Back Garden Cinema


We all love watching summer blockbusters here at Fun kids.
But it’s even better in the open air with comfy blankets to sit on and your favourite snacks to hand!
You’ll need a projector for this one.
Click here to see what you’ll need to make your very own cinema at home!

9. Make a Water Wall

water bottle thing

Playing with water outside is one of the best things about summer.
There are lots of different ways to get water from one place to another without using buckets, and making a water wall is one way!
Click here to find out what you’ll need!

10. Tarp Ball Shoot Game


This looks like SO much fun!
You’ll need a sheet of tarpaulin (ask an adult to help), some coloured sticky tape and a ball.
Get your family and friends to play a tournament with you and see how many points you can get.
Click here to see how you make one!

Here’s some more things to do in the summer holidays…

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