Top 10 things to do when it’s Raining!

It’s raining it’s pouring! Rain is really boring!

Well, it isn’t if you have this handy list of clever crafts.
Here’s our Top 10 things to do when it’s Raining Outside.

1. Make your own Aquarium in a jarĀ 


You don’t have to feed the fish in here, clean them out or squish those weird tiny snail thingsĀ – no real fish here!
You’ll need some food colouring, some stones to put in the bottom and little some toy fish/whales/dolphins/water-loving giraffes if you don’t have any toy fish.
Click here to see what else you’ll need!

2. PVA Glue Suncatchers

It can get seriously boring and grey when it’s raining outside.
Why not make a suncatcher for when the sun comes back?
They’re really easy to make, you’ll need some paint and PVA glue
Click here to see how you make them!

3. Painted Rocks


Perhaps you’ve been on a seaside holiday and you’ve collected some shells and rocks while you were there.
Why not paint some patterns and shapes on to them and use them as paperweights?
Click here for some ideas!

4. Fruity ice lollies


It might be raining outside, but you don’t need the sun to shine to have a tasty ice lolly.
Even better when you’ve made them yourself!
They’re really easy to make.
Click here for the recipe!

5. Make the ultimate fort

You’ll need some pillows, sheets, chairs and something soft to sit on.
Why not watch your favourite films or read a book in there?
Click here to see a few ideas to get you started!

6. Camp indoors


Once you’ve made your fort indoors, why not have a camping evening in there?
Make some S’mores, toast some marshmallows, and have your favourite story book to read on hand.
Click here for some fun indoor camping ideas!

7. Make your own paper bowl


If only we had somewhere to put all of those crafty bits and pieces so they don’t get lost!
OH WAIT! What about making a paper bowl? You’ll need a balloon for this one.
Click here to learn how to make one!

8. Make your own Tie-Dye T-shirt


Bright colours are perfect for a rainy day!
Do you have an old T-shirt you don’t know what to do with?
Click here to find out how to make your own tie-dye creation!

9. CD crafts

These are some great ideas to recycle old CDs.
You can make everything from a mosiac bird-feeder to these cool CD hover-crafts.
Click here for some ideas to turn some old CDs into hours of fun!

10. Crayon Candles


Broken crayons are a bit useless – let’s face it!
Why not turn them into beautiful crayon candles?
You’ll need an adult to help you with this one, because you’ll need to melt them all down.
Click here to find out how to make them smell nice too!

Here’s some more things to do…

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