Top 5 dream jobs for parents chosen by you!

We asked you to choose the dream job you would want your parents to have. Here are the results!

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So we wanted to know what dream job you’d like your parents to have?

Hundreds of you got in touch with all sorts of amazing suggestions. Rachel wants her parents to work security for One Direction so she could tag along to the shows. Kai wants them to invent fantastic toys and let him have them all. And David simply wants them to be MILLIONAIRES!!!

Here are the top 5 dream jobs for parents chosen by you.

5. Pilot


“I’d love my mum to be a pilot and be able to fly me around the world.”
– Ellena, aged 11

“RAF Pilot and a Red Arrow. They are just so cool!”
– Sean, aged 10

4. Spy


“My parents would be super-cool, undercover spies. This is because they always [I mean ALWAYS] solve my siblings problems. Whether it’s arguments, making a mess, not listening!”
– Mariyah, aged 11

3. Sports star


“I would love my dad to be a professional football player for Man United. We have always been fans. I recently met Gareth Bale and the Welsh squad and then Wales won against Belgium on Friday. I think I must have been a lucky mascot!”
– Roan, aged 9

“F1 driver so he can drive fast and win lots of trophies!”
– Jasmine, aged 7

2. Work with animals


“Vets at a safari park so I’d get to behind the scenes with all the animals!”
– Gabriella, aged 11

“I would love love love my dad to be a zoo-keeper! My dad loves penguins, but we never go to the zoo because my dad can’t drive. I would love to see him clean up animal poo and feed the lions! I love Tigers and monkeys and would love to see them with my dad!”
– Roxanna, aged 7

“My dream job for my Mum and Dad would be to work at a monkey sanctuary or a zoo, as they are both mad about monkeys, especially Orangutans, so I know that they would love that job and at the same time, it would mean I would get to spend lots of time with animals too!”
– Thomas, aged 11

1. Work with food


“My dad a sweet maker and my mum a dentist, dad can make us scrummy sweets and mum can deal with those cavities”
– Tommy, aged 12

“I would love it if my mum was a master pastry and sweets chef-she would cook delicious sweet things for my family and it would be cool that when it was my birthday she could make me an amazing cake!”
– Rose, aged 11

“I’d like my mum to be a top chef because she’d be able to make me all my favourite food”
– Anna, aged 10

“Chocolatier, so I could eat all the yummy chocolate treats!”
– Lucy, aged 11

“I would like my dad to be like Willy Wonka and own a chocolate factory, so we could try all different types of chocolate and eats lot of it. I think my dad would love this as well as he is always eating chocolate and hiding the wrappers down the back of the sofa from mummy”
– Carley, aged 7

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