Top 5 DreamWorks Animation characters as voted by you!

Who did you vote as the ultimate DreamWorks Animation star?


This month, we’ve been asking you to name your ultimate DreamWorks Animation character!

It’s all because there’s a brand-new DreamWorks Magazine – the only magazine where you’ll find all your favourite DreamWorks Animation stars, like Shrek, the penguins and Po the panda in one place!

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Hundreds of you sent in your suggestions for the ultimate DreamWorks Animations character for the chance to win a huge bundle of DreamWorks Animation DVDs.

Keep reading to find out if you’re our lucky winner…

We’ve counted up all the entries and it’s time to reveal the top 5 ultimate DreamWorks Animation characters – as voted by you!

5. Puss in Boots (Shrek)

First in at number 5 is Puss in Boots from the Shrek series! Here’s why you love Puss in Boots…

Because he is an extreme version of all cats- torn between being a cute and cuddly kitten, and being a ferocious fighting/hunting machine. My cat Mortimer is exactly the same. Except for the boots and hat. – Eleanor

He is cool and funny – Grace

Cute but vicious, just like our cat. – Neil

Love his accent. – Jack

4. Po the panda (Kung Fu Panda)

Next in at number 4 is everyone’s favourite panda – Po! Here’s why Po was your favourite…

Po is very funny and always makes me laugh. – Jasmine

Because he is funny – Marlon

He is so funny and ordinary – Cara

Because he’s clumsy and very funny! – Julianne

3. Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon)

Straight in at number 3, it’s Toothless – the star of the How to Train Your Dragon movies! Here’s what you like about Toothless…

Toothless is my favourite because he is so fast and he helped to defeat the Alpha. And he is black and has a nice smile. And he loves Hiccup. – Teddy

Because he is tough and strong but kind and gentle and you can ride on his back to anywhere in the sky! – Daniel

I love how to train your dragon one and two the films and the cartoons toothless is cute and funny – Callum

He is very cute and friendly even though he’s a dragon – Ben

2. Donkey (Shrek)

Just missing out on the top spot, it’s Donkey! Here’s what you love about Shrek’s best bud…

Donkey is my favourite because he is really cool and funny. He was funny when he kept going up to Shrek and he wouldn’t let him in. – Sophie

Donkey from Shrek is my favourite character because he is very funny and is always making trouble – Lily

He makes me laugh – in the carriage he says are we there yet all the time and Shrek gets the hump – Lily

Donkey is very funny, loveable, kind and forgiving. He just wants to be friends with Shrek. – Harrison

1. Shrek (Shrek)

You voted Shrek as the ultimate DreamWorks Animation character! Here’s what made this loveable ogre your number 1…

Because he’s got a big tummy like my daddy!!!! – Oscar

He is cute,  cuddly and adorable and looks a litte bit like my dada as daddy has no hair. – Devina

He is so funny and kind and is friends to everyone and he doesn’t care that he’s an ogre – Amy

He is funny and scottish and I went to see him and he ran in front of me and I was scared but it was funny too. – Calum

Because he is caring and it’s not always what’s on the outside its what’s inside that matters – Rhianna

So there we go, you voted Shrek as the ultimate DreamWorks Animation character of all-time!

We randomly selected someone from all the entrants to win that huge bundle of DreamWorks Animation DVDs…

Congratulations to Harley (9) from London – you’re our winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered for your suggestions! And remember, for more from the DreamWorks Animation stars, make sure you check out the new issue of DreamWorks Magazine in stores now!

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