Toys: Fun in the Sun

Pete, our Toyologist was talking to James this morning about having fun in the sun. Here’s the toys he talked about.

Connect 4Connect Four Inflatable – £9.99 from
It won’t take dad more than a few minutes to puff up this giant game, perfect for passing the time in the garden or even the park. In place of the normal counters you use those balls you find in play centres.

Skimboard SurferSkimBoard – £35 from
Unroll the “surf run” across the lawn and plug in your hose, when the water has covered the entire length time to take a run up and launch yourself onto it with the board and do some speed surfing even though you might be miles from a beach.

Limbo StringLimbo String – £19.99 from
This clever machine send a loop of string spinning into the air so you can limbo underneath it whilst the lights flash and plays a Caribbean tune, you’ll feel like you’re on holiday.

Bubble RocketBubble Rocket – £20 from
We all love blowing bubbles, the more there are the more fun we can have running about bursting them. Sending this rocket spiralling into the air is fun but the trail of bubbles it leaves behind is even better.

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