Treasure Hunting Tips!

The ultimate guide to being a Treasure Hunter!


Here are some top tips for you to become an amazing Treasure Hunter like the Kidds!

For anyone looking for exciting books full of adventure you should check out the Treasure Hunters series.

They’re written by the author of Middle School, James Patterson, and follow a family called The Kidds who have grown up diving down to shipwrecks and travelling the world, helping their famous parents recover everything from swords to gold doubloons!

There’s a brand new book in the series called Treasure Hunters: Secret of the Forbidden City where they have to race across the world from the Great Wall of China to the underbelly of Berlin as they try to save their mum from renegade pirates.

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To help you to become a top treasure hunter, here are some useful tips straight from treasure hunting legend Bick Kidd!

#all_4_colour[1]1 Find a Crew
I love being part of the Kidd Family Treasure Hunters Inc. Me, my parents, my twin sister Beck, sister Storm and brother Tommy travel all over the world together. We’re pretty lucky!

#2 Know your boat
Our boat’s called The Lost. It’s been our home and our school forever and has taken us to more ports and countries than I can remember!

#3 Learn to read a map
Treasure hunting is all about maps, you have to know how to read them and how to draw them. We can all read maps but Beck, my twin, is a super-talented artist so can draw them as well.

#4 Make sure you know how to navigate
There’s always a good chance you’ll get lost on a treasure hunt and you need to be able to get yourself out! You can use GPS but our parents taught us to use the stars. Tommy’s the best – he’s completely laser focused when it comes to navigation (one of the only times he is!).

weapons-hold-ver2#5 Have a hiding place on your boat
We use ours to store the things we find on our treasure hunts, that way if an evil criminal mastermind or ninja pirates happen to board your boat, everything is safe! It also makes a sneaky weapons hold… when it’s got weapons in!

#6 Always be on the lookout for clues
You never know who, what or where the next one will be! I’m pretty good at noticing them, like in New York when I found the clue Dad left us in the label of his rain slicker. Storm has a photographic memory so while I’m good at finding clues, she’s the best at remembering them!

Nathan-Collier#7 Watch out for Nathan Collier!
He’s another treasure hunter and our family’s nemesis. He’s got his own cable show on the Underwater Weirdo Channel and is always trying to claim credit for other treasure hunter’s discoveries, especially ours. He’s a skeevoid.

#8 Always be prepared
Ok, so I’m borrowing this from the Boy Scouts, but it’s a pretty good motto. We’ve got a room on The Lost full of maps, newspaper articles, old clues and dusty books where our parents do their research.

Treasure Hunters: Secret of the Forbidden City is out now! Click here to find out more!

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