Tune in to Bene and Mal’s Body Teasers on Fun Kids!

Tune in to Bene and Mal’s Body Teasers every day from 5pm on Fun Kids!


mal1Bene and Mal are back with their new series Body Teasers – all about bioethical dilemmas!

A dilemma is a difficult choice you have to make, like deciding between chocolate or strawberry ice cream!

Well, bioethical dilemmas are the difficult choices we make about how we use science!

bene1Sometimes just because we can do stuff doesn’t necessarily mean we should!

Bene and Mal will be looking at some different science situations and seeing what’s good and bad about them!

Tune in to The Club from 5pm to hear today’s science adventure!

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Nuffield CouncilBene and Mal’s Body Teasers with support from Nuffield Council on Bioethics
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When can I hear Bene and Mal’s Body Teasers?

You can hear the latest episodes of Bene and Mal’s Body Teasers every day from 5pm in The Club on Fun Kids!

Fun Kids is the UK’s children’s radio station. Tune in on DAB Digital Radio in London and the South East, on mobile and online at funkidslive.com

What if I miss an episode?

Don’t worry, you can listen back to all the episodes online and on iTunes!

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