‘Turbo Tortoise’ and ‘The Adventures of Ook and Gluk’

For younger children

TurboTortoiseTurbo Tortoise
By Steve Cole, Sam Church

  • The vegetable patch takes on a whole new life in this picture book about flying tortoises, karate crows and super slugs. Turbo Tortoise and his side-kick Karate Crow are pitted against the super-slugs in a battle to save the lettuces, potatoes and tomatoes in the vegetable patch.
  • Turbo Tortoise seems more than a match for the crafty super-slugs with his shiny turbo-shell and his smoky rocket jets – but has he met his match in the robotic Cyber-Snail, who has his eyes on the entire vegetable patch?!
  • Luckily for Turbo Tortoise, a green-bean bazooka and some mouldy beans do the trick and the true identity of Cyber-Snail is unmasked.
  • Keep a look-out for the mysterious Turbo Tortoise – he could be coming to your garden soon!

Published by Corgi

For older children

OOk&GlukThe Adventures of Ook and Gluk – Kung-fu Cavemen from the Future
By George Beard, Harold Hutchins

  • Robot dinosaurs, time travel and battles galore –  what’s not to like in this action-packed graphic novel, which has been created by the author of Captain Underpants.
  • It’s 5000,001 BC and Ook and Gluk are the coolest caveboys to step out of the Stone Age. But their happy town of Caveland has been invaded by the evil Goppernopper Enterprises from the future.
  • As dinosaurs and swamps are speedily replaced with ‘mechasaurs’ and heavy industry, troublemakers Ook and Gluk are whisked into the future to become experiments at Goppernopper HQ. There, with a little help from a weeny dinosaur and a kung fu master, Ook and Gluk prepare to take on Goppernopper and save their world.
  • There are some handy hints on Cavemonics at the end, too, if you fancy a little taste of Stone Age speech. Perfect for boys and girls of six years plus looking for a futuristic adventure with a twist.

Published by Scholastic

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