UK family seek to become Pokemon World Champions

The Pokémon phenomenon has attracted thousands of fans since its launch in 1996, but none more so than a family of four in West Sussex.  The Fotheringham Family are dedicated Pokémon players and now both their sons are jetting to Hawaii, USA in the hope of becoming World Champions.

PVGC_UKHeat_JuniorWinner_CFYoungest son Christopher (11) recently took first place in the Pokémon Video Game Championships UK Qualifier, beating 191 other contestants and securing a seat at the Pokémon World Championships in Hawaii.  Christopher will also be joined in Hawaii by his older brother, Nicholas (16), who is a top Pokémon Trading Card Game player, finishing third in the world last year and joining his brother to compete in Hawaii.

It seems that this phenomenon does not just stop with the kids either! Both of their parents are avid Pokemon enthusiasts. Their father, Ian Fotheringham, is a top level Pokémon Trading Card Game Organiser and Judge in the UK, whilst their mum, Jane, supports the boys and Ian by helping out at Pokémon events across the country and teaching the rules of the trading card games.

They will now all take a family trip across the sea to Hawaii as both Christopher and Nicholas seek to become Pokémon World Champions!

This year’s annual Pokémon finals see both the Video Game and Trading Card Game World Championships take place in Kona, Hawaii from 13th-15th August 2010.  The event provides an opportunity for Pokémon fans from over 25 counties around the globe to test their skills and compete for the 2010 title of Pokémon Video Game World Champion and Pokémon Trading Card Game World Champion.

Talking about his success, Christopher said, “I can’t believe I have won!  I am going to work so hard on training my Pokémon team ready for the final.  It was a great day and I am really excited to be going to Hawaii, especially as my brother will be there and my mum and dad cheering us on.  We all love Pokémon – it is going to be a great trip for us!”

Everyone from Fun Kids wishes both Christopher and Nicholas the best of luck!


Find out more about the Pokémon World Video Game Championships visit or head to for more information on the Pokémon World Trading Card Game Championships.