Um … whats that at the bottom of the pool?

crocodileA water aerobics class in Australia had a late start after wildlife officials had to drag out a 5ft crocodile

A 5ft crocodile was pulled out of a swimming pool in Australia 30minutes before a water aerobics class was about to start.

At first the staff at the swimming pool thought someone must have put the crocodile in there for a joke, but soon realised that it had crawled under a fence.

Parks and Wildlife senior ranger Tom Nichols whose team rescued the crocodile said: “The crocodile gave one of the crocodile management rangers a bit of a run around, having to chase it around the pool, but he managed to capture and remove it with a scoop net. While we can’t be sure how it got there, it’s likely it came through the swamps that join up from the Howard River.”

The crocodile was unharmed and will be set free in a wildlife park.