‘Unfortunately’ and ‘In the City: Our Scrapbook of Souvenirs’

For younger children

By Alan Durant & Simon Rickerty

UnfortunatelyThis story begins harmlessly with two children taking a walk through the jungle. Unfortunately, they soon find themselves dealing with a variety of unpleasant challenges and near-death experiences, from a man-eating bear to a cannibal hunter and everything in between.

These children are adept at getting out of such scrapes, though, and each ‘unfortunately’ (‘a mean and hungry snake was coiled around the trees’) ends with a ‘fortunately’ (‘the boy grabbed a vine and swung away from the snake’).

Together they swing, swim, climb and run away from a variety of close encounters – until the very last page when they think that they are finally safe…..

The illustrations are bold, edgy and fun, and you will love the twist on the last page!

Published by Orchard Books
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For older children

In the City: Our Scrapbook of Souvenirs
By Roland Harvey

InTheCityIn the City describes a family’s experiences during a visit to the city and they each collect a piece of memorabilia to remember their experience.

The book is funny, brilliantly detailed and there’s plenty to talk about and to share. Fans of Where’s Wally? will love exploring this, but so will anyone else.

Each page is dedicated to describing a particular part of the city and what the child has seen there. They visit the ‘smelliest market in the world’, the cool esplanade, old bookshops, the zoo and a toilet at the top of the tallest building in the city, where they go up and down the lift 11 times.

The fun is in the drawings, though. See if you can spot the pelican on the elephant’s trunk, the pig escaping through the market or the python who’s about to eat the delivery man!

Published by Allen & Unwin
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