Union J will write their own songs on album #2!

Union J 3

Union J announced that they were going to be making a second album a few days ago and talked loads about the songs on it.

They’ve said that the songs on their first album were good but weren’t quite amazing, so they’ve come up with a plan for their new songs – the boys are planning to write them this time round.

Usually new pop bands have to spend quite a bit of time on their hair, so other people write their tunes for them. But the lads think that the new album would be tonnes better if they wrote the music.

Union J 7

Jaymi said “We are going to write on album two…We did write for this album and we’d done about 14 songs but they didn’t go on the album, maybe because they weren’t right.”

So let’s hope that the new songs the guys write make it on to the album so our ears don’t miss out.

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