Victorious Characters: Trina Vega

Victorious Character Trina

Trina Vega is played by Daniella Monet and is Tori’s big sister in the TV show.

It’s tough for Tori having Trina as a big sister. Sure she’s likeable but everything has to be about Trina, Trina, Trina.

It’s been like that forever and she truly believes stardom is her destiny. The truth: Trina has the attitude of an A-list star but the actual talent of a Z-lister!

In fact the only reason why Trina is even in Hollywood Arts in the first place is because Sikowitz was having a hallucination during Trina’s audition and every other judge was out at the time!

Trina is portrayed as being extremely difficult to deal with and her and Tori are well-known to squabble as only sisters can!

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