‘Vile: A Cautionary Tale for Little Monsters’ and ‘The Witch’s Tears’

For younger readers

VileVile: A Cautionary Tale for Little Monsters
By Mark Robinson, Sarah Horne

  • Lessons at the University of Vile are strict. Little monsters have to strive to be rude, messy and loud and to inflict as much pain as possible on their fellow monsters. “It’s vital in the classroom to be messy, loud and spiteful. ‘More volume, class’ the teacher calls, ‘A racket is delightful’.
  • This is a cautionary tale, however, and when two monsters are forced to cooperate and become friends, they are forced to attend the School of Manners instead – where they have a much better time. There is also an explosive ending waiting for the University of Vile.
  • The story oozes boy appeal and if you have a child starting at a new school in September, this will certainly bring a fresh perspective on school life! The story is told in rhyme, so is great for reading aloud, and there is plenty for mischievous youngsters to explore on the colourful pages.

Published by Lion Children’s Books

For older readers

WitchsTearsThe Witch’s Tears
By Jenny Nimmo

  • One night a strange old woman comes knocking at Theo’s house. Her name is Mrs Scarum and Theo is convinced she is a witch and that he and his family are in danger.
  • Theo knows there is only one way to find out if Mrs Scarum really is a witch and that’s to make her cry because witch’s tears turn to crystal as soon as they fall – but how do you get a witch to cry?
  • This is an atmospheric story by master story teller Jenny Nimmo. Clocks that stop ticking, a kitchen full of icicles and a father who has disappeared all add to the mystery of the story which winds to an unexpected and generous ending. Perfect for newly-confident young readers.

Published by Harpercollins

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