Walking with Dinosaurs Fossil Hunter Interview


We’re huge dinosaur fans at Fun Kids (as long as we don’t have to come face-to-dace with a T-rex that is) so we were quite excited about speaking to Daisy Morris who discovered an entirely new species of dinosaur – all when she was 4 years old!

We invited Daisy in for a chat about her find and here’s what happened…

1. So you discovered a fossil for an undiscovered Dinosaur on the beach when you were 5? 

When I was 4 years and 7 months old, I was on the beach hunting for fossils with my family when I came across some black bones that were buried in the local clay. I dug them out carefully, then I put them in a tissue and took them home. I knew it was a fossil bone because I have found some bits before, and they are black and hard like stone, but this one looked like a hip bone. That was in October 2008, I had it sitting on my shelf in my bedroom till the local fossil man Martin Simpson opened again at easter in 2009 when I was 5. He then took it to Southampton University for them to look at.

2. They’ve named it after you – Vectidraco daisy-morris-ae. There’s even been a book written about it hasn’t there?

Yes, it’s called Vectidraco daisymorrisae which means Daisy and the Isle of Wight Dragon that’s also the name of the book. Martin Simpson wrote it and it has got some really good illustrations by Mark Witton, Diego Barletta and Rupert Besley, I love the ones of me. The book tells the story of how I found the fossil, then how it got named after me and about how the new pterosaur (named Ginky in the book) would have lived. The book is really really good.

3. Now it’s a pretty cool thing to discover a brand new species of Dinosaur – something we’ve only ever seen in museums or in movies, so I’m guessing you’re excited for the DVD release of Walking with Dinosaurs that is out now.

Yes, I went to see the film at the premier on the Isle of Wight, I loved it and thought it was funny, I’m really looking forward to seeing it on DVD.

4. What’s your favourite thing about the film?

I thought the special effects and 3D filming were cool as the dinosaurs looked real. I liked it when Patchi was little and in the nest when he got pooed on, it was really funny; I also liked Alex he was funny.

5. Is this something that inspires you in terms of fossil hunting?

All programmes about dinosaurs I find interesting, as they are always finding out new things so you can always learn.

6. Would you like to work in TV or film on something like Walking with Dinosaurs?

Not sure, but it would be interesting. But when I grow up I would like to work in a zoo and study bones and maybe have my own natural history museum.

7. So how long have you been into fossil hunting?

I have been collecting them since I was 3 years old.

WWD 3D BD packshot8. Did you ever think you’d make such an amazing discovery?

No, but it was very exciting.

9. I hear you’ve got quite a cool collection of fossils and bones at home?

Yes, my bedroom is full of things. I like collecting skulls, fossils and taxidermy; I find them fascinating. When I find a dead animal or bird I will take it home and let it decompose in the garden so I can then clean up the skull and bones, some people think it’s disgusting, but you can learn a lot and it is very interesting. I write for my own blog were I put on all the things I find and I am putting on my collection, so people can follow me and see what I do, my blog address is daisymorrisvectidraco.wordpress.com

Thanks for the chat Daisy, and well done on discovering your own species of Dinosaur!

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